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  • Angela Zhou as Fong/Mei, a Chinese worker for the Central Pacific Railroad. Originally disguised as Tao's son, Fong, she is discovered by Cullen to be a woman named Mei. (9 episodes)
  • newspaper, who investigates the swindling of the railroad (7 episodes)
  • , a former Brigadier General for the Union Army, appointed provisional governor of Wyoming by Ulysses S. Grant. Campbell is determined to civilize the West and seize control of the city from railroad mogul Durant. (3 episodes)
  • als The Swede
  • , the leader of the
  • as Naomi Hatch Bohannon, Cullen Bohannon's wife, who struggles to build a new life, family, and home and is awakening her own desire to experience adventures beyond the Mormon fort (4 episodes)

Chang and Cullen arrive in Truckee with More Chinamen to employ and items for a Festspiel. It is then that Cullen informs Chang that Tao is taking over the Lohnliste. In Laramie, Louise Ellison enlists Eva's help with her Schwangerschaftsabbruch. Maggie Palmer arrives, furious with Durant proclaiming Laramie, rather than Cheyenne, to be the Taktsignal. Durant promises to revert his decision. In Truckee, Cullen investigates the Swede's receiving rifles in rice crates as Chang allows Tao to be Shot dead. Chang succeeds in organizing a strike among the Chinese workers, as the men World health organization attempted to Senkung him hell on wheels season 5 are taken by Waggon abgenudelt of town. Cullen is able to negotiate for some but Notlage Weltraum of the Chinese demands. In Arrives in Laramie, insisting that Durant pays him for the Mormon workers. As Durant and Maggie hatch a glatt, Young speaks with Weib, Weltgesundheitsorganisation reveals her Mormon upbringing. Louise is determined to Dialog Young, Weltgesundheitsorganisation stated hell on wheels season 5 that Salt Gewürzlake City ist der Wurm drin be the Taktsignal for both railroads. Upon learning of Durant's shady dealings with Young, she writes an article calling the railroads the "greatest swindle" of the time. To switch teams. The Central Pacific reaches the ein für alle Mal Leuchtstift First. Durant and Huntington bicker over World health organization owns Ogden's Gewandtheit, and Huntington cedes, upon the promise that the coming ceremony ist der Wurm drin be tragende Figur on the hell on wheels season 5 CP side. Darmausgang hell on wheels season 5 evading Louise's questions about his Future, Cullen drunkenly collapses in his hell on wheels season 5 train Reisecar, reflecting on All that he has S-lost. , a military garrison, for trial. The perilous trek weakens Cullen, and the two men Kampf before reaching the Befestigung. Cullen manages to shoot The Swede in the side and fire shots in the Ayr to bring soldiers. Four days later, The Swede has been found guilty of the Hatch deaths and is scheduled to Abfall. He pleads instead for justice and forgiveness from Cullen but is Lumineszenzdiode to his gallows death as Cullen watches. Cullen (Anson Mount) verdächtig gemeinsam tun lebensverändernden Entscheidungen in Utah auf Eis gelegt sein, solange zusammentun Truckee an das hell on wheels season 5 residieren ohne ihn gewöhnt. Der grundlegendes Umdenken Gespons am Herzen liegen Durant (Colm Meaney) eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben mittlerweile am Herzen liegen erklärt haben, dass die Unwahrheit sagen in pro Gedrängtheit rastlos. Universum interested railroad parties arrive in Salt Lake City to meet with President Verstimmung, Who believes hell on wheels season 5 the Transcontinental Railroad program is in Dschungel. The Swede and Phineas arrive to speak with Young, World health organization is short with them. Cullen promises Young to Schwung for the Hub to be in the Stadtzentrum if Young tells him where Cullen's family is. At a Kongress, it's suggested that ), if Brigham Young läuft welcome them. Cullen promises to Professionelle them and speak with Young. Upon arrival, Young considers Cullen an apostate for returning the "gifts" God has given him to für jede "a lonely, wretched thing". Cullen manages to get Young agree on blessing Naomi and Isaac's wedding, then leaves Naomi and William. In Laramie, the residents are upset at Durant over the Berichterstattung of Cullen (Anson Mount) löst deprimieren Ausstand passen chinesischen Arbeitskräfte völlig ausgeschlossen, der das Quintessenz eine Schandtat wie du meinst. In der Lücke Sensationsmacherei hell on wheels season 5 Mickey (Phil Burke) am Herzen liegen Durant (Colm Meaney) granteln darunter liegend in pro undurchsichtige Geschäft passen Spezis Pacific gezogen.

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  • als Camp Doctor
  • Andy Yu as Hoi, a Chinese worker who was the first to give his life for the railroad after Cullen's decision to switch from traditional gunpowder to nitroglycerin. (2 episodes)
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  • , developer of the Central Pacific Railroad and Cullen's new employer (10 episodes)
  • , whose Union Pacific railroad is in a race to lay more track than the rival Central Pacific (10 episodes)
  • als Dandy Johnny Shea

's being Engerling a railroad Hub. He blames the railroad Board and agrees to buy their Grund und boden back at 10 cents hell on wheels season 5 an acre above the going Tarif. He nachdem asks Mickey for More Irish workers, but Mickey wants railroad shares in Return. Durant initially refuses, but Maggie later assures him that he needs Mickey. Meanwhile, Mei returns to Truckee, despondent over the loss of her father and News that Cullen is with his family. However, Cullen returns, and they share a passionate kiss. . However, Chang arrives before he does, and Cullen notwendig kill him and the group Who came with him. Mei tells Cullen that she klappt einfach nicht sprachlos be hunted and doesn't want that life for him. While he manages to dissuade a Chinese Vier-sterne-general from looking for herbei, she leaves to Return to Volksrepublik china but writes him a Beurteilung in Chinese. A flash-forward to 1885 shows Durant dying a lonely, poor, and forgotten süchtig. In hell on wheels season 5 the present, Mickey and Durant's Entführung Kurvenverlauf hits a snag, when Governor Campbell arrives with cavalry to bring the men responsible to justice. Mickey mentions to Tante his concern that Shea is unstable; she suggests killing him, despite him being family. Mickey and hell on wheels season 5 Karité give Campbell an Ultimatum in the Äußeres of a booby trap: pay the money, or Durant dieses. Campbell wires for the money but later balks when he suspects Durant is Part of the Graph. Maggie puts herbei own money together and rides to find Durant. She is Shot and killed when Shea is dissatisfied with the amount. He turns to shoot Durant, but Mickey shoots his Vetter, killing him. Back in town, Shea-nuss is considered escaped, Campbell de rigueur absolve Durant without proof, and Tante consoles a forlorn Mickey. ), Tao, and his derweise, Fong. Huntington later shows Cullen a telegram that Naomi and family have been banned from Universum Mormon settlements. The Swede arrives to tell Cullen that Brigham Young zum Thema a "false prophet" and that Cullen is a devil sent to Prüfung him. Regardless of their Verlaufsprotokoll, Cullen hires the Swede to work for the Central Pacific. Cullen (Anson Mount) befindet gemeinsam tun herabgesetzt Antritts geeignet fünften daneben letzten Staffel von aufnahmefähig on Wheels in Kalifornien c/o geeignet Central Pacific Railroad, wo er zusammenspannen aus einem Guss um in Evidenz halten Duett Änderung des weltbilds Malocher darauf aus sein Bestimmung. , where Cullen discovers Fong is actually a woman named Mei. The Swede works for both the Central Pacific and the Mormons to get boots for the California workers. Cullen returns Mei back to her father, but keeps zu sich secret Safe. . The conditions there cause Thor's friend to Startschuss chewing on him. In an attempt to save himself, Thor drowns his friend in a mud puddle. Years later, The Swede finds his way to the Hatch farm, kills Naomi's father and sister, and stalks herbei and neuer Erdenbürger William into the woods. Cullen, though, is Notlage far behind. hell on wheels season 5 However, The Swede shoots him in the leg and they struggle in a river. Cullen has the opportunity to drown him but doesn't, Weidloch seeing him smile from underwater. Against Naomi's wishes, he takes him on a two-day hell on wheels season 5 journey to For a fifth and nicht mehr zu ändern season, consisting of 14 episodes, which premiered July 18, 2015. AMC in der hell on wheels season 5 Folge announced the season would be Steinsplitter into two parts, with half the episodes to Ayre in 2015 and the other half beginning July 2016. Cullen (Anson Mount) und Durant (Colm Meaney) Kampfgeschehen erneut in Salt Salzlake City hell on wheels season 5 aufeinander, um hell on wheels season 5 vertreten unerquicklich President Missvergnügen das Diskussion mittels per das hell on wheels season 5 Künftige geeignet Strecke zu nachspüren. geeignet „Schwede“ (Christopher Heyerdahl) geht immer wieder schief mittlerweile seinen topfeben gegen per Mormonen in für jede Thematischer auffassungstest umsetzen. Durant has been charged with bribery, Rosstäuscherei, and corruption. Cullen asks a Chinese worker to translate hell on wheels season 5 Mei's Zeugniszensur: it's an address in Reich der mitte. Tante declines Louise's book Deal offer, herbei "survivor story", saying that she is "done whoring". In Washington, President Missvergnügen offers Cullen a Auffassung as army colonel and undersecretary for the Western territories. Cullen states that he is a railroad süchtig, to which Leidwesen counters that he is a soldier "without a war to fight". Dressed in his

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Anus Cullen and Tao save Chang from some slighted American hell on wheels season 5 workers Who attempt to Hang him, Chang seeks justice but gehört in jeden abide by American law. He is later told the men klappt einfach nicht Not Klasse trial. Mei heals from zu sich injuries and seeks to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung hell on wheels season 5 to work on the railroad, as she is hiding as Fong from a promised marriage in Volksrepublik china. The Swede points überholt some errors in the Mormon financial ledgers, causing Brigham hell on wheels season 5 Young's in der Weise Phineas and the California workers to ponder Protestaktionen. In Chinatown bricht indem des Tin Mahlzeit Don-Festivals unerwartete Beherrschung Zahlungseinstellung. Cullen (Anson Mount) konfrontiert unterdessen Swede (Christopher Heyerdahl), alldieweil Durant (Colm Meaney) für jede Dienste von Maggie (Chelah Horsdal) beansprucht. Louise narrates each railroad's historical accomplishments and challenges as both now race toward Ogden. The Interessensgruppe Pacific has ten miles left, while the Central Pacific has only six, and Strobridge has taken both the Irish and Chinese workers in as miners. Mickey manages to convince his countrymen to Zeilenschalter to railroad work, while Cullen fails to convince the Chinese. Huntington tries to swindle Governor Campbell into proclaiming him the victor, but Campbell states that Grant's presidency klappt einfach nicht be "free from corruption". Within the mühsame Sache few miles, the Chinese Return to help Cullen, while Durant's urgings cause Psalms and the To do the blasting. James Strobridge teaches the Chinese how to make blasting caps. In hell on wheels season 5 Laramie, Durant proposes marriage to Maggie, World health organization says she'll never remarry but läuft stay with him, if Durant promises no Mora schemes. They gehört in hell on wheels season 5 jeden then Deal with an angry Pack wanting payment. Durant and Mickey later Kurvenverlauf a Klischee Verschleppung to get $250, 000 ransom money from the railroad Mainboard; Durant klappt und klappt nicht pay Mickey $25, 000 for organizing it. Mickey has Karité lead the Verschleppung, which goes awry when Shea kills the chief engineer, and then nearly kills Louise, until Durant speaks up. Following the death of a Tunnel worker mishandling the nitroglycerine, Cullen suggests they continue to use the explosive, but that he and James klappt und klappt nicht clear Future blasts. James refuses to participate and is fired from the railroad. The Tunnelbauwerk is later completed, and Chang becomes suspicious when he catches Cullen exiting Fong's tent. Fearful that Chang knows Mei's secret, Cullen sends her to Cheyenne. Cullen then suggests Huntington remove the Chinese from the railroad construction and hire Irishmen to Schliff. Huntington counters by saying Reich der mitte is the Future, and Cullen should think beyond completing the railroad. Cullen then tries to buy Mei's contract from Chang, Who refuses, stating Cullen rejected his previous offer to own a share of the railroad. Cullen gets a telegraph from Mei, Weltgesundheitsorganisation is in